Women & Entrepreneurship

Empowering women to have a balanced lifestyle and thriving business

About October 28, 2012

W.E. is an initiative of Amanda Vital Bedminister, for the purpose of empowering women in business, helping them to achieve a balanced lifestyle and thriving business.




There is no single formula for attaining a balanced lifestyle. It is based on personal decisions, which means making choices according to what one deems a priority.  The combination of career, spouse, children, friends and self into an integrated whole can be quite a challenge. Yet  women have managed to defy the odds and continue to excel in the business sector. Successful women entrepreneurs have proven to be highly influential in their communities and are a substantial source of economic empowerment in their society. As women gain more insight into their nurturing abilities and entrepreneurial skills, there’s no telling how great they can become at whatever they choose to pursue.


To empower and equip women to manage successful businesses by providing creative solutions in dealing with the challenges of balancing the responsibilities of multiple roles.


– See women empowered to confidently manage successful families and businesses
– Provide effective strategies for a living a balanced life
– Help women realize accelerated and sustained growth in their business

W.E. Mantra:

Women are agents of change in our society. This is attainable once women are educated on the importance of attaining balance in body, mind, and spirit.


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